Commissioned Work

Since the opening of her studio in 1989, Shlomit has been commissioned to create a variety of projects, ranging in style from bathroom fixtures to archeological museum replicas. These projects exemplify her versatility as an artist. Shlomit’s outlook is that clay is sturdy and can last forever – indoors or outdoors. It is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, high or low, so anything can be made of clay.

Light fixtures, bathroom sinks and tiles, wall sculptures, garden or indoor pots, fireplaces, water fountains, benches and memorial stones are but a short list of the items that can be made with the right clay and the appropriate technique.

Bathrooms and Kitchens
Whatever your whim – a funky and whimsical color scheme, traditional styling or your own personal “made to order” design, tiles, sinks and bathroom fixtures can be personalized “just for you”.

Museum Collections
Shlomit has been strongly influenced by the archeological findings surrounding her environment. While working on the replicas for the Ekron Museum on Kibbutz Revadim, she worked closely with archeologists and excavating teams.

Memorial Stones
Personal headstones and memorials designed and created as a commitment to the memory of your loved one.